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Tandem Air Premium Pet


  • Hose for attachments with 15ft cleaning reach
  • LED headlight with amber light dirt sensor
  • Carrying handle
  • 7 stage filtration with a HEPA Plus media filter, 100% sealed filtration
  • Granulated Charcoal Filter ensures no dust escapes
  • Check filter and full bag indicator light
  • Self-sealing HEPA media bag, filtering 99.97% of particles .3 microns and larger
  • On-board tools
  • Six-position carpet height adjustment
  • Two Motor Tandem Air Technology
  • Bonus tools
  • Surface selector
  • Hall sensor and lifetime belt protection
  • Metal brushroll with replaceable brushstrips
  • 40ft cord
  • Red Carpet Service Plan

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Tandem Air Technology

A Clean Air Motor for strong suction backed up by a Direct Air Motor for intense airflow. Combined, they make the perfect vacuum, high air flow and deep suction to clean your floors fast!

Full Bag & Filter Indicators

No more guessing when a bag is full or a filter needs to be changed. Indicators on the head notify you that its time for a change

Dirt Sensor

A dirt sensor detects dirt lurking in your carpet so you can remove the gritty particles before they damage carpet fibers and notifies you with amber lights in the headlamp


Hall Sensor & Lifetime Belt Protection

Breaking a belt is a thing of the past with Hall sensor technology. When it senses a jammed condition, the brushroll stops until the jam is cleared. Then it's back to vacuuming like nothing ever happened


  • Model: R40P
  • Length: 13.5in
  • Width: 14in
  • Height: 45in
  • Weight: 23lbs