Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Premium Vacuums Deserve the Best

     One of the advantages of buying a Riccar premium upright vacuum is the Riccar Red Carpet Service Plan. It's like a preventive health checkup for your vacuum. For qualifying Riccar vacuums, the plan offers free tune-ups during specific time intervals. It helps keep your vacuum running at peak performance.

Vacuums Eligible for the Red Carpet Treatment

     If you purchased your vacuum new from a Riccar retailer or from and it has a Red Carpet Service Plan sticker on the back, side or in the dust compartment of the machine, then your vacuum qualifies. see the table below for a list of qualifying vacuums. The retailer, or you, should write in your name and purchase date on the sticker. All future service dates are based on your purchase date.

     Bring in your vacuum for Red Carpet Service Plan tune-ups at the intervals specified below. Riccar retailers will honor the plan 30 days before and after specific anniversary dates. Some retailers will have you fill out a reminder postcard when you purchase your vacuum. Just to be sure, it's a good idea to add a reminder to your calendar.

     During your Red Carpet Plan visit, your retailer replaces the bag and filter in your machine and gives it a full tune-up and cleaning. During the tune-up, these items are inspected if applicable to your model:

  • Belt
  • Agitator brush strips
  • Hose
  • Full bag indicator
  • Brushroll jam indicator
  • Floor selector switch (if applicable)
  • Carpet height adjustment
  • Headlights
  • Suction and airflow

Tune Up Schedule


Number of Visits

Service Intervals

R40P 40-Series Premium


11-13 Months, 35-37 Months, 59-61 Months

R30D R30-Series Deluxe


23-25 Months, 47-49 Months

R25P Premium


11-13 Months, 35-37 Months

R10CV Cordless Supra-Lite / R10P


11-13 Months, 35-37 Months